The actor will appear on the premiere episode of Ramsay’s “The F-Word.” ("Food," that is.)
kevin spacey gordon ramsay
Credit: Daniel Zuchnik / Getty Images

Gordon Ramsay has long been a staple of bleeped and blurred language on the FOX Network, with Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef participants usually on the wrong end of his profanity-laden tirades. So it’s probably no surprise that the chef’s latest project The F-Word alludes to his saltier-than-standards-and-practices-will-allow vocabulary (but really just means "food" in this context). However, if you think Ramsay has the market cornered on the mother of all swear words, he might have some fierce competition from American acting icon Kevin Spacey.

In a promotional clip for the premiere episode, which will air live (yes, live) on May 31st , Spacey and Ramsay serve up a stream of expletives so peppered with F-bombs, the beeps might actually be more offensive than just hearing the word itself. Volleying back and forth, the actor and chef debate who has the better delivery of the word as they also discuss Spacey’s upcoming turn as famed attorney Clarence Darrow in a live performance at New York’s Arthur Ashe Stadium.

If The F-Word sounds familiar, that’s because it’s a rehash of program Ramsay has hosted on UK television. That series was a magazine-style look at the current state of food in Britain and beyond. The American version, however, will be quite different, opting for a more reality competition format (because America can’t have nice, educational things, apparently) with guest judges, including Kevin Spacey. According to the FOX website, the competition will feature “foodie families from across the U.S. will battle it out in an intense, high-stakes cook-off. In addition to impressing Ramsay, each team must win over the hearts and taste buds of the diners, celebrities and VIP guests whom they’re serving.” So, you know, another cooking competition show.

But some of the old series will be present as well. “Throughout each hour-long episode, cooking competition meets variety show as Ramsay chats with surprise guests and VIPs in the dining room, hosts live remotes with people from across the country, and appears weekly in unique field segments with fans, foodies and culinary experts.”

And again, the show will air live every week. We just hope the censors have a quick trigger finger.