“You drink beer while you do the yoga,” Hart explains, somewhat perplexed.

Once primarily the province of craft beer loving hipsters, beer yoga may finally be breaking out into the mainstream. Granted, plenty of news outlets already caught on to yoga in breweries a few years ago for the simple reason that it combines two extremely trendy things: beer and yoga. But this week, the activity may have moved up a cultural notch as comedian Kevin Hart and rapper Chance the Rapper hit the beer yoga studio (aka, a bar) in the latest episode of Hart’s web series What the Fit.

Taking a quick step back, What the Fit—which appears on Hart’s LOL Network YouTube channel – premiered in March, promising that Kevin would invite “his friends to join him in taking on a different whacky workout from sumo wrestling with Conan O'Brien to goat yoga with Khloé Kardashian and cowboy rodeo-ing with Leslie Jones.” The series has proved popular: An episode with the always buff Terry Crews racked up over 13 million views.

For yesterday’s episode featuring Chance the Rapper, Hart decided to take a slightly boozy route. “I love to put us out of our element,” Hart explains to Chance. “Today we’re doing beer yoga… You drink beer while you do the yoga.” Hart then adds, slightly perplexed, “This is a real thing.”

The pair proceeds to hit up The Federal Bar in North Hollywood and, after some requisite comedy, partakes in a beer yoga session (starting around the six-minute mark for you impatient types). “Why the beer? Why the yoga? What’s the combination?” Hart asks—a good question for anyone in need of a beer yoga primer.

“It makes everyone a lot more relaxed,” the instructor responds. “And especially as your sipping beer, along the way, making your way through your postures, the beer’s going to make its way through your body and loosen up your muscles so you’re in a really good space.” Then, despite being a comedy, the episode does a decent job of actually walking viewers through a beer yoga class – or at least this style of beer yoga where you actually drink during the poses.

As things wrap up, Chance quips, “This is totally disrespectful to anybody that really does yoga.” But disrespectful or not, the episode could certainly expose a lot more people to the beer yoga trend. As of this writing, the video is trending at #4 on YouTube and already has over half a million views. Namaste and cheers!