The Flatev makes fresh tortillas in minutes.

Credit: Courtesy of Flatev

If the one thing missing from your life is instant access to freshly made tortillas, you are in luck. The Flatev, a long-awaited machine that has been marketed as the “Keurig for tortillas,” will be available for order on Kickstarter later this year.

For those unfamiliar with the laborious tortilla-creation process, traditionally one must mix masa and water to produce the dough, and then individually flatten each tortilla with a cast iron press before frying or grilling it to perfection.

The Flatev promises to automate the process, Keurig-style. As shown in their viral YouTube video, one can achieve a consistently round and thin tortilla by simply popping a dough pod into the futuristic Flatev machine and letting it do all the work. The Flatev eliminates the mess, effort and time spent making fresh tortillas. Genius, right?

Maybe. While the Flatev has the convenience of a Keurig, it doesn’t have the same demand. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone that can’t get out of bed without their morning tortilla.

The machine, which is expected to cost around $300, may also have a negative effect on the environment due to its dependence upon plastic pods. However, Co.Design reports that the Flatev team is working to make their pod as recyclable as possible.

While we aren’t totally convinced this machine will solve a widespread culinary struggle, the Flatev team has plans to expand to all different types of flatbreads. Instant paratha? Sign us up.