If you've never tried them before, now is your chance.
Ketchup chips.
Credit: © Getty Images

If you don't like ketchup, you're a monster you may want to stop reading now. Fellow ketchup lovers, read on and rejoice.

For years and years, Canada has been the best place to get your ketchup-flavored chip fix. They're so beloved up north, in fact, that debates rage as to which company makes the best ketchup chips. We've often considered the 5-hour drive just to get our hands on a bag. But if Instagram snacking sleuth @candyhunting's latest suspicion proves true, they just might be headed over to the States soon—meaning we can bid farewell to chip roadtrips once and for all.

Better yet, it's possible the beloved chips already here.

"Ketchup Pringles are now out in the US! These have previously been released in Europe and Canada. Found them at CVS," our fearless Instagrammer reports alongside a photo of the red-hued chips.

Ketchup haters who've made it this far and are considering running for the hills, you may not have too much cause for concern. Those who've actually enjoyed these chips north of the border know that they don't taste quite like ketchup, anyway; there's some tomato taste along with vinegar, but it's not an in-your-face flavor.

While we're waiting to see whether the reports are even true, we can help you work on simply loving the sauce itself: Earlier this year, scientists figured out the best way to get ketchup out of the bottle and onto your plate. You can read all about the science behind their reasoning here, but the short version is that first, you'll want to shake the bottle with the lid on, then turn it upside down until the ketchup settles near the opening. Finally, pour, giving the side of the bottle a smack.

Good luck, and let's hope this as-yet-unconfirmed sighting turns out to be a real one.