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In America, we love our ketchup. I’ve met people who can get through an entire bottle with just a few orders of fries. But in Canada, people apparently need other ways to use up the sugary tomato sauce because, at some point at least, bottles of Heinz Ketchup sold in our neighbor to the north had a link to a “Great Canadian Ketchup Cake” printed on the back label. One American was so blown away by the idea, he decided to give baking a ketchup cake a try – and posted his experience on YouTube.

It’s not entirely clear how long Kraft Canada has had the “Great Canadian HEINZ Ketchup Cake” on its website. The oldest comment on the recipe is from the same time all the madness surrounding the cake began. What we do know is that back on May 26, someone uploaded a photo to Imgur of the back of a Heinz bottle promoting the recipe. On August 21, that exact photo blew up on the social news site Reddit, setting off a firestorm of ketchup cake mania. It’s not the first time the Great Canadian Heinz Ketchup Cake has caught Reddit’s attention; someone posted an AMA about baking the bizarre cake about a year ago, but the fervor surrounding the cake was even stronger this time around. (Much like smacking the ketchup out of a glass bottle, it seems the ketchup cake phenomenon comes in spurts.)

Caught up in that fervor was Redditor/YouTuber Gregory Nuttle who decided he was not content to take Heinz’s word that a cake made with ketchup would taste good. You can’t blame him, can you? Instead, Nuttle choose to bake the cake himself and documented it in a couple of (occasionally foul-mouthed) YouTube videos.

In the first video, Nuttle simply runs through the ingredients. It’s actually a little trickier than you might expect as a couple of the ingredients appeared to get lost in translation from Canadian to American.

In the second video (which is actually labeled as “Part III” because there’s also a completely unnecessary six-second “Part II” video showing a dog eating a piece of the ketchup cake), Nuttle has a few of his friends weigh in on the final products. The consensus: “It’s pretty good.” “The ketchup is not really prominent,” one friend points out. “The ketchup’s not doing much actually.”

However, another friend proves to be a dissenter, stating, “Even with the frosting, it’s really gross.”

The fact someone thought it was gross actually seems like an encouraging sign. A cake that tastes like ketchup sounds gross. But if it doesn’t taste like ketchup, what’s the point of baking a ketchup cake? If that’s the case, then the so-called “Great Canadian Heinz Ketchup Cake” is nothing more than a savvy advertising campaign to sell more ketchup. And who would want to put the great country of Canada through that?!