One of your favorite cereals from childhood gets a mythical makeover in the U.K. 

unicorn fruit loops
Credit: Courtesy of Kellogg Company

The influence of Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino is still lingering in the food world. Launched over the summer, the drink became a certified craze, driving baristas insane, and spawning whole league of mythical creature-themed concoctions from the coffee chain, including dragon and pink Pegasus flavors. In the wake of the sudden obsession with pastel-colored, pink and purple, glittery, and ombré food, Kellogg’s has released a jazzed up version of the Froot Loops you know from your childhood with a limited-edition Unicorn Froot Loops cereal.

The new cereal—which comes in a sparkly box emblazoned with a cheerful looking unicorn sporting a rainbow mane—is now available in grocery stores in the U.K. (starting with Asda, with plans for more grocery stores to be stocked in three weeks). Kellogg’s tweeted that the limited edition cereal is “not a myth,” but the company didn’t specify exactly how long the cereal would be available for purchase.

The cereal itself is purple and pink, of course, the signature colors of any unicorn-themed food. And while they might look appealing to kids, adults haven’t missed out on the opportunity to pick up a box.

According to a statement from Kellogg’s, Unicorn Froot Loops are made with “only natural colors,” although with 12 grams of sugar in just one cup of regular Froot Loops, they might not be a considered a health food, even if they do look beautiful on your breakfast table.

On the plus side, you may never have to suffer through a bland, boring breakfast again (sure, bananas might good for you, but they definitely don’t come with a unicorn printed on the peel). And even if they aren't the healthiest choice for breakfast, your Instagram feed will probably look more colorful if even just the box makes an appearance. Hopefully, the cereal comes to America soon, where it's sure to drive people just as nuts as its Frappuccino counterpart.