They're not just for breakfast anymore.
Credit: © Kellogg's NYC

Few foods are as conducive to eating at home as cereal is (assuming you have some milk around). But since launching last year, Kellogg’s NYC – a cereal-only restaurant helmed with the help of Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi – has reportedly had a steady stream of people. And last month, after the eatery was transformed into a three-week Pop-Tarts Café pop-up, Kellogg’s apparently learned a valuable lesson: There’s more to life than cereal. And now many of the ideas introduced during that product-promoting crossover are becoming permanent fixtures of the new and improved Kellogg’s NYC.

What made the Pop-Tarts Café so successful – driving far more traffic than the cereal bar had before – was its willingness to take some crazy creative risks. Instead of simply serving gussied up Pop-Tarts, the limited time Café offered up a menu of items like tacos, pizza, cheesecake and milkshakes all built out of Pop-Tarts. “What we realized with Pop-Tart Cafe was that people are looking for something that’s more out of the box than what we were doing,” restaurant partner Sandra Di Capua told Eater. “People are playing with the food more and more. It’s something we had fun with.”

Though the Pop-Tarts Café has officially wrapped, Kellogg’s NYC is not only adding some of those items to its permanent menu, but also rethinking the entire way the restaurant will operate – introducing an array of far out menu items that will hopefully continue to drive interest by changing each month to fit a new culinary theme. For example, from now until April 9, the eatery is highlighting “A New York Taste of Mind.” That translates to things like a “hot dog” where the wiener is fashioned out of vanilla latte Pop-Tarts and Cocoa Krispies, the bun is a glazed bowtie donut, the mustard is frosting and the relish is green apple gummy bears.

Other items making the menu include donuts that have been built out of cereal, “L’eggo my Eggo sandwiches” that substitute the well-known freezer waffles for bread, and insane milkshakes like “Dem Cookies, Dough,” a supposed Pop-Tarts Café standout made from Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pop-Tart, vanilla ice cream, cookie dough, milk, whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. That calorific creation will set you back $13: Hopefully you’ve been saving your allowance.

In the future, Asian, Italian and Jewish dishes are all on the docket. Yes, soon you’ll be able to get a sugar coma in all sorts of cultures.