Kellogg's simple hashtag campaign is once again supporting Toys for Tots.

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treats for toys done by kelloggs
Credit: Courtesy of Jason DeCrow / AP Images for Kellogg's

The holidays are a time for giving, to be sure. But let's face it, sometimes it's nice to receive something in return. If the kinds of presents you like to get are usually in the form of food, Kellogg's may have the most satisfying way to spread joy to others while making yourself some sweet treats. Continuing last year's campaign, Treats4Toys turns the simple act of making Rice Krispies treats into an opportunity to make a child's day brighter with a gift from Toys for Tots. All it takes is a is a post on Twitter or Instagram.

To kick off this year's drive, Kellogg's once again enlisted the help of expert Rice Krispies Treats sculptor and Instagram star Misterkrisp (a.k.a. Jessica Siskin) to create a festive window display in New York City.

kelloggs rice krispies treats for toys
Credit: Courtesy of Jason DeCrow / AP Images for Kellogg's

This year's window includes an interactive element that allows viewers to select a toy they'd like to see Rice Krispie-fied, including a Mr. Potato Head, Transformer, and My Little Pony. Once it appears, the treat moves along a conveyor belt into a machine that transforms it into the actual toy it represents.

robot rice krispies treaet
Credit: Courtesy of Kellogg’s
kelloggs tiger eatable
Credit: Courtesy of Kellogg’s

Many of the other elements, including gears, toys, and the massive sign are all made of—you guessed it—actual Rice Krispies Treats. The window is on display through December 1 at 873 Broadway near Union Square.

But a trip to New York isn't required to participate in this worthy campaign. All that's required is that you whip up a batch of Rice Krispies Treats, take a photo and post it on social media with the hashtag #Treats4Toys. Every hashtagged photo of these cereal creations will turn into a toy donation from Kellogg's to Toys for Tots.

If you need some inspiration for your holiday treats, Misterkrips (literally) wrote the book on it. Treat Yourself! How to Make 93 Ridiculously Fun No-Bake Crispy Rice Treats is available on Amazon for $11