Kellogg's created the first ever cereal record with a famous boy band.

Chocolate Frosted Flakes Record Player
Credit: Courtesy of Kellogg’s

Vinyl records have seen a resurgence, with even the newest of today's pop music getting the LP treatment. Walk into the music section of any store and you're bound to see at least one display carrying the likes of Drake and Rihanna's latest releases in the throwback format. In an age where everything is streamable, audiophiles are keen to point out that analog formats just seem to have a warmer sound. But aside from vinyl, can cold cereal do the job, too? Kellogg's endeavored to find out by creating the world's first record made of breakfast cereal out of its Chocolate Frosted Flakes and the music of Simon Cowell-mentored boy band PrettyMuch.

To answer your first question, yes boy bands are still a thing. To answer your second question, here's how the record was made: First, a mold of the record was 3-D printed with the grooves of the record in relief. Then, layers of dark and milk chocolate were poured in to create the flat surface necessary for a phonograph needle to read, along with a core of Chocolate Frosted Flakes cereal in between. The center of the record is cut out to reveal the cereal in the shape of Frosted Flakes mascot Tony the Tiger's head. After a little time in the freezer to harden, the resulting cereal and chocolate record is unmolded and ready to play on any turntable or, if you choose, devoured.

So what song does a Chocolate Frosted Flakes record play? In this case, it's pop ground and iHeartRadio award nominee PrettyMuch's new single "Hello." "Through our music, we've always advocated for having fun and living your greatness in everything you do 'cause it's just so important to stay true to yourself and have a good time doing it!" PrettyMuch's Brandon Arreaga said in a statement. "So, we thought, what better way to do that than release our newest song on the first ever record made of Chocolate Frosted Flakes?" The music video for "Hello" also features Tony the Tiger.

If you'd like a Chocolate Frosted Flakes record of your very own, there are/were a couple ways to get one. Firstly, fans who preregistered with PrettyMuch are getting their copies today. Starting tomorrow, the records will be available for free at Kellogg's NYC in Union Square while supplies last. Another limited run of records will be available in Chicago at Reckless Records in Wicker Park on Saturday, April 21 in honor of Record Store Day.