After a successful one-year run in Times Square, Kellogg’s NYC Café is opening a permanent home in Union Square.

Italian food has Eataly. Coffee has the Starbucks Roastery. And soon, cereal will have its own, permanent wonderland in the Big Apple. In July 2016, one of the biggest names in cereal opened up its very own cereal café in Times Square in New York. Though Kellogg’s shut down the intentionally temporary location this past August, the venture was successful enough that the company will be opening a new, larger and more permanent Kellogg’s NYC Café next month.

Set to open on December 7 a bit further south in Manhattan’s Union Square neighborhood (which likely deliberately is near NYU), the new “immersive” space will be five times the size of the previous location, “packed with endless cereal possibilities” and giving people the “opportunity to eat, chill and create,” according to Kellogg’s.

What does that mean, exactly? Well, the company highlights three major new elements from the previous space. First, the cafe will have “an open-concept kitchen where guests can watch as cereal creations are being made … including a DIY cereal creation station with ingredients fresh from the Union Square farmer's market.” Second, the menu will be a revamped mix of old “favorites” from the previous café and “new creations inspired by surprise partners.” As you may recall, big names like Christina Tosi, Thomas Keller and Daniel Boulud all swung by the previous iteration, so any surprise partners will have high standards to live up to. And third, the new space will be “Insta-worthy”—a.k.a. “made with the social media enthusiasts at heart, allowing guests to capture the perfect cereal selfie and food photo in one of many areas where cereal and Kellogg's characters vibrantly and colorfully come to life.” Yes, that seems to imply that a dude in a Tony the Tiger costume will be hanging out there on the reg, Disneyland-style.

“We're excited people can experience cereal in new ways all the time at our permanent location, versus other pop-ups which we've seen can quickly come and go,” said Kellogg's Marketing Director Aleta Chase. “We're excited to see how people re-think the possibilities of cereal and how their creations might inspire us to bring new products to life.”