Don't forget to bring your forklift.
1000 pack of beer
Credit: Courtesy of Nokian Panimo

Sometimes a six-pack just isn’t enough. Hell, sometimes the 24 beers in a case just aren’t enough. That’s why some genius went ahead and invented the 30-pack. A few years ago, a brewery in Austin, Texas, even decided to joke around and release a 99-pack. But joke’s on them: A brewery in Finland has just blown the 99-pack out of the water. Grab your forklift because Keisari beer has just released a 1,000-pack!

Granted, my Finnish is not so great, but a picture is worth a thousand words – especially if those words are in a language you don’t understand – and as you can see in the tweet below, a supermarket in Finland is indeed selling a giant “1000-päkki” of canned Keisari beer for the not-particularly-low price of 2,149.20 Euros – the equivalent of about $2,343… or well over $2 per beer. You’d think if you buy by the thousand you’d get a better price break.

According to Finnish news site Iltalehti, this 1,000-pack is “not a joke” – in so much as it actually exists. Obviously, selling such a monstrously large beer pack was done tongue-in-cheek, and the brewery admitted that the decision to sell 1,000 brews in one package was indeed a “spontaneous joke” intended as a response to Karjala, another beer brand in Finland, who earlier this month started offering a 100-pack. Good luck getting a buzz with that thing!

Of course, being that a 1,000-pack isn’t a very convenient method for purchasing beer – especially since the keg already exists – it’s a strong possibility that no one will actually buy that massive block of beer. Luckily, the supermarket selling the case has a contingency plan: If the 1,000-pack isn’t purchased by May 1, it will be broken down and sold off in smaller groups. Though keep in mind that if you do buy the beer in smaller quantities, it could be cause for embarrassment at your next party if someone says, “We’re out of beer! Why’d you only buy 900 cans?!”

[h/t Reddit]