The city’s signature flavor is infused into this new spirit.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 03, 2019
360 Vodka KC Barbeque
Credit: Courtesy of 360 Vodka

Nothing beats a summer barbecue: relaxing with friends and family outdoors in the sunshine with freshly cooked grub. If you've ever wished you could distill that whole experience down, bottle it, and save it for a rainy day, well, apparently you can: barbecue-flavored vodka is here.

360 Vodka—a spirit brand based near Kansas City (now this is starting to make sense)—has released 360 KC Barbeque Flavored Vodka, billed as "a first in a category that has produced just about every flavor that can be imagined." Intended to celebrate "the barbeque taste and tradition that represent the heart and soul of this great city," the limited-release vodka "will be an incomparable addition to Bloody Mary bars, making it a perfect choice for everything from brunch to cookouts to football tailgates."

"We are very proud of our Kansas City roots and love the traditions of this great city," said Patrick Fee, vice president of marketing for McCormick Distilling, the company behind 360 Vodka. "360 KC Barbeque gives us the opportunity to pay tribute to Kansas City with a flavor that no one has ever done before but that makes all the sense in the world to us."

Since this vodka is a tribute to its home, we can already assume what kind of barbecue flavor they're talking about: Kansas City style barbecue. On its website, 360 Vodka simply describes the taste as "spicy and sweet, tangy and true." What isn't explained, however, is how they get that iconic local flavor into each bottle—though I guess the most diehard barbecue mavens know you have to keep your special mix of spices a secret, huh?

Sadly, 360 KC Barbeque Flavored Vodka is only being sold in the Kansas City metro area, but if you live nearby and need some barbecue vodka to help you through the transition to winter, this tangy new booze should be hitting shelves this week.