Ever wonder what supermodels eat? Well, now you know.

Kate Moss Food Truck
Credit: @nick_moss_vietvan

If you've ever wondered what one of the highest-paid supermodels in the world eats (and gets up to when she's not strutting down runways or vamping in front of a camera), well, here's your answer.

By the powers of social media, we now have photographic evidence that Kate Moss eats Vietnamese food—at least, the food from her brother Nick's food truck in London's Brick Lane. And Moss didn't just stop by for a snack yesterday—she hung out and lent a hand, serving customers banh mi and more.

"Kate is usually seen in the most glamorous settings so she stuck out a mile serving food in Brick Lane," one onlooker told the Sun newspaper. "There were no airs and graces, though. She got stuck in and played up to the punters. She had a real rapport with them. At one point she started shouting 'C'mon, get ya Viet buns,' in a Cockney accent, before bursting into giggles with passing customers."

Kate's little brother, Nick Moss, is a former model himself—he appeared alongside Kate, Stephanie Seymour, and Naomi Campbell in the spring 1993 Versace campaign and has walked the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier. But after two years in the front of the camera, he threw in the towel, and went traveling in southeast Asia instead—which is where he was inspired to launch VietVan, his food truck.

Nowadays, Nick's VietVan serves up Vietnamese banh mi—sandwiches stuffed with savory fillings like slow-cooked lemongrass star anise beef, spicy pulled pork, sweet kaffir chicken, and lemongrass and ginger tofu—every Saturday at North Cross Road market in East Dulwich. And yes, famous Kate has been known to stop by every so often. As for his supermodel sister's kitchen skills? "She's good at gravy, let's leave it at that," Nick told the Evening Standard.