By Noah Kaufman
Updated November 18, 2014
Courtesy of Boomf

What do you buy for the dessert lover who has everything? Obviously you get them a custom-printed marshmallow made by Kate Middleton’s brother. That’s the basis of Boomf, a British startup that will transform your Instagram feed into edible memories.

Founded by royal brother-in-law James Middleton, Boomf lets you link up your Instagram account and pick which pictures you want to see in marshmallow form before shipping off your requests. This isn't the younger Middleton's first food-related endeavor. At 21-years-old, he launched the Cake Kit Company, which mailed people ingredients to bake cakes that had photos on them. Unfortunately, Middleton said he quickly learned that “people don’t want cake kits, they want cakes.” Mailing people cakes obviously came with some delivery issues. So by 25 he started experimenting with printed foods that could fit in a mailbox, and by 26 he was making photo marshmallows. They’re a little costly at $25 for 9 marshmallows, but how can you put a price on the opportunity to eat your own face. They’re also a good gift for someone who just went through a breakup. What could feel better than roasting a picture of your ex and turning it into a chocolatey S’more? It’s a lot safer than breaking a room full of picture frames.

Middleton is already shipping marshmallows worldwide but he and his partner plan to launch marshmallow printing machines in the United States in the near future.