Kate Middleton Couldn't Resist Making a Face While Trying This Traditional Swedish Drink

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are currently on an official royal tour of Sweden.

Kate Middleton playing bandy
Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Kate Middleton is known for her poise and elegance. She's fashionable, she's polite, and she's a humanitarian. The Duchess of Cambridge only seems to be getting more comfortable and better equipped to serve as a member of the royal family, but on rare occasions, she still does get caught off guard—and given that her entire life is under the watchful gaze of the public eye, there's always a photographer there to catch her.

Case-in-point: The Duchess and her husband, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, are currently on an official royal tour of Sweden (next stop Norway), where they've paid visits to schools, museums, attended a state dinner with Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria, and even spent a morning playing a traditional Swedish game called Bandy.

The pregnant Duchess still seems to be athletic and looked as though she was enjoying herself immensely as she played a few rounds of the hockey-like game on the ice. Eventually, she and her husband took a break from the game to warm up on the sidelines, where one of the revelers offered her and William a sip of a dark drink in a plastic cup (perhaps a brandy or a mulled wine, although that seems unlikely given that Catherine is expecting her third child).

Perhaps not wanting to seem impolite, Catherine took a sip, and royal photographer Mark Stewart was on hand to capture the moment the cup touched her lips. First, she makes a sour face, her lips pursed tightly together. Then she looks as though she's trying hard to enjoy the liquid but still finds it—what? Bitter? Salty? Too sweet? We'll probably never know exactly what was going through her mind at that moment.

Stewart claims he never found out exactly what was in the cup, but there's a chance it could have been Swedish glogg, a type of mulled cider usually enjoyed in the winter (perhaps a non-alcoholic version was mixed for Kate). Either way, the Duke and Duchess look to be enjoying themselves on their trip, and we continue to enjoy watching them enjoy themselves, even, if not especially, during this short, candid moments.

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