The comedian gave her shocking confession during an appearance on 'The Tonight Show' with Jimmy Fallon.
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Kate McKinnon Tonight Show
Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

It’s hard to know where to start with this video of Kate McKinnon admitting that she eats garbage to Jimmy Fallon, except to say that it is hilarious. The clip starts out innocently enough, with McKinnon describing her role in the upcoming animated film Ferdinand, which is based on the classic children’s book. McKinnon, appropriately, plays an energetic goat. She first tells Fallon—who seems unprepared for the Saturday Night Live star to make such a bold statement about her eating habits—that she actually relates to goats, which, yes, that makes sense. Goats are cute, they are boisterous, they make everyone smile, and they eat constantly. McKinnon, however, gives her own reasons for feeling a kinship with the common goat.

“They scream…and they eat garbage,” she tells Fallon, at which point she pauses, long enough to leave a silence between guest and host.

“Yeah, but you don’t eat garbage,” he interjects.

She doesn’t reply, just barely shrugging her shoulders.

“I do sometimes. I have eaten garbage,” she continues. “I sometimes eat garbage.”

Jimmy, rightfully, is confused. “What are you even remotely talking about?” he demands.

“I eat food from the garbage,” she clarifies. “My thing is, if the food hasn’t touched other garbage, it’s not garbage.”

From there, she proceeds to tell a story—just watch—about finishing a partially eaten scone from the trash bin in her office that she had discarded earlier in the day.

After hearing the story, you might start to think to yourself, “Well maybe she’s right. Maybe I do waste a lot of half-eaten food that I might actually want to eat later. If it doesn't end up in some communal trash dump outside, is it really so taboo to just dust it off and finish eating?”

I cannot answer that question for you. Neither can Kate. We all make our own choices in life. But if you do decide to eat garbage, just know that people only laugh at something like this when a famous comedian admits doing it. People are much more likely to judge any regular person who returns to the trash for their tossed out snacks (unless the person reading this is Kate McKinnon, in which case, thank you for this perfect cap to my Wednesday, Kate).