The Big Bang Theory star explained, "[I] love to drink on a plane."

When it comes to drinking on a plane, Kaley Cuoco, the star of The Big Bang Theory—that, side note, is about to start its 11th season somehow!—has the right idea. "Love to drink on a plane," she said in an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday. "It's the best time," she pointed out. "I don't have to fly! I just sit there!" But though drinking on a plane certainly has its advantages, Cuoco told a story about a time her love of wine almost kept her from making it onto a plane.

As sometimes happens to the best of us, Cuoco said once she was stopped by TSA on a trip to Australia for forgetting something in her bag. "The lady goes, 'Who's bag is this?' and of course it's mine," the actress explained. "So she starts searching through and she pulls out a wine opener out of my purse. Like a real one. Like with arms. Like The Rabbit." Alright, fair enough: That's a big corkscrew, but again, who hasn't forgotten they have a water bottle in their carryon despite being warned to check five times?

But here's the kicker. "So in my big bag, I have all these little bags. She goes, 'Well, we need to search all the rest of the bags,'" Cuoco continues. "She takes out my makeup bag…. I had a second wine opener in my makeup bag!" At this point, the TSA was probably less concerned about the danger her corkscrews could pose to people on the plane and more concerned about her drinking habits. "Here's the thing: I just like alcohol," she concludes, "and apparently I needed to be very prepared." Just a word of advice, Kaley: You can buy TSA compliant corkscrews. And when it comes to wine, there's nothing wrong with being very prepared.