The Canadian prime minister is holding two pandas in the all-dairy work of art.

By Melissa Locker
Updated August 27, 2017
Credit: Courtesy of Scooter Korek

Many people may want to butter up Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, but one artist beat everyone to it. Over the weekend, a sculptor at the Canadian National Exhibition unveiled a sculpture of Trudeau made entirely out of butter. While the sculpture is a work in progress, the prime minister’s trademark hair is shaping up well, the pandas (yes, pandas) look great, and there have been no reports of attempted licking.

The dairy-ing (sorry!) sculptor was inspired by a 2016 photo, which features Trudeau cradling two newborn pandas at the Toronto Zoo. The picture of the panda-cuddling prime minister might melt your heart, but at least the butter will remain intact. Clearly, the sculptor couldn’t opt for a photo of Trudeau showing off his one-handed push-ups or his gravity-defying yoga moves, because that would be too hot for the butter to handle.

According to The Mirror, butter sculptures are an age-old Canadian tradition, up there with poutine and fèves au lard. Canadians have been carving their former colonists in dairy products since at least 1924, when a patriotic artist sculpted the Prince of Wales and his for a show at the Canadian Pavilion at the British Empire Exhibition. The tradition continued in 1964, when a sculptor transformed all four members of the Beatles and their instruments into dairy products.

Indeed, we to the south also enjoy our butter art. And if you're wondering what happens to all that butter after the exhibition is over, take a look at this time-lapse footage of another sculpture being carved and dismantled. Sorry, no warm toast involved.