JT's new music video has dancing, doughnuts and blueberry pie.

Credit: © RCA Records/DreamWorks Animation

Justin Timberlake just dropped the music video for a new summer anthem: "Can't Stop the Feeling," a happy, dance-y single he created for the forthcoming animated movie Trolls. And watching it we couldn't help but wonder... could the "feeling" be hunger?

Credit: © RCA Records/DreamWorks Animation

Most likely not, since the refrain is the word "dance" repeated over and over while quirky characters show off their moves, but there are plenty of edible references sprinkled throughout the video. Director Mark Romanek, who's known for Fiona Apple's "Criminal," "Scream" with Michael and Janet Jackson, and feature films like One Hour Photo, a 2002 thriller with Robin Williams, first sets the scene at a diner. After JT demolishes what looks like a blueberry cobblerlike pie, the camera moves on to Randy's Donuts for some glaze porn and finds Timberlake carting picture-perfect fruit around a supermarket. The turkey club looked especially tasty. Watch the clip above for more. Trolls comes out in November with the voices of Timberlake, Anna Kendrick and James Corden.

Credit: © RCA Records/DreamWorks Animation