Justin Bieber Now Has His Own Cold Brew at Tim Hortons

Six months after Bieber co-created his own Timbits doughnuts, he's back with "Biebs Brew."

Justin Bieber Biebs Brew Tim Hortons
Photo: Courtesy of Tim Hortons

When last we spoke about Justin Bieber and Tim Hortons back in November, the pair of iconic Canadian institutions had announced they were partnering on Timbiebs Timbits — a line of Biebs-inspired donut holes. At the time, the donut-and-coffee chain promised that they had more in the pipeline from their new pop star partner, and now, over six months later, we finally know what that is. Brace yourselves: This time around, the pair has collaborated on… coffee.

Launching at Tim Hortons locations across both the U.S. and Canada starting on June 6, Biebs Brew is "a co-created French Vanilla-flavored Cold Brew coffee" that's "made with 100 percent premium Arabica beans and is slowly steeped for 16 hours to enhance the bold and smooth flavor." And don't worry: If you want to maximize your Bieber break, all three varieties of Timbiebs are returning for a limited time, too.

Justin Bieber Biebs Brew Tim Hortons
Courtesy of Tim Hortons

Much like with the previous Timbiebs collab, Tim Hortons emphasizes that Bieber was directly involved in the creation of the new Biebs Brew. In a brainstorm with the chain's team, The Biebs apparently revealed that he prefers his coffee on ice and also has a slight sweet tooth, including a love of vanilla flavoring. Thus, a drink was born.

"We couldn't stop at Timbiebs, we needed a Biebs Brew, too. And we are bringing both to Tims next month," the singer was quoted as saying. And then, in a cut and paste of his statement from November, he added, "Doing a Tim Hortons collab had always been a dream of mine. I grew up on Tim Hortons and it's always been something close to my heart."

Though Bieber may not have had time to give a fresh approval on a new quote, he did take the time to shoot a brand new promo for his coffee where he explains that this cold brew is "worth the wait" — a reference to its 16 hours of steeping… and perhaps how long it took for this second collaboration to come together.

"Timbiebs was a huge success — truly beyond all of our expectations," Hope Bagozzi, Tim Hortons chief marketing officer, stated. "Even before the Timbiebs collaboration, Justin had often shared with fans how he'd grown up with Tim Hortons and was obsessed with the brand. His commitment to working with us to develop a natural and authentic twist on the Tims experience is what made Timbiebs a hit and we know guests are going to love Biebs Brew and his take on Tims Cold Brew."

Tim Hortons says that U.S. customers can use the Tims app to purchase a $5 Biebs Bundle which includes a large Biebs Brew and a 10-pack of Timbiebs. Additionally, U.S. locations will also bring back limited quantities of Timbiebs merchandise including a beanie, fanny pack, and tote bag that will be sold at buy-one, get-one-half-off.

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