Oh, it's the end of the week, the creative juices runneth low (well, OK, that might be due to my presence at the 2008 Food & Wine Best New Chefs announcement party last night, and then at a necessary snack with some colleagues at Casellula, and then at the after-party). But when the aforementioned c. juices are soaked up by a Mojave-like mental drought, the headlines ramble in to help:

First, red wine continues its unstoppable march toward becoming the ultimate miracle drug, health remedy, fountain of youth, etc. This time it seems to kill cancerous cells in the pancreas. Take that, milk!

Second, there's a mighty big kerfluffle going on in northern Italy over reports that serveral major Brunello producers may have been adulterating their wine with varieties not permitted in the Brunello DOCG. Read about it, in much depth, at Vinowire. Meanwhile, Dr. Vino reports on what's potentially an even bigger Italian wine scandal, this one involving really unpleasant compounds including muriatic acid, which, as we all know, is hydrochloric acid. Which really ain't something you want in your daily glass of red.

Third, rosé is just off the dang charts. Sales of rosés that run $8 and up grew 17 times faster than general table wine sales in 2007, Wines & Vines reported. This would explain the absurd growth in rosé samples arriving at my office. Look out for brutal rosé competition for shelf space in the summer months, as pink wines duke it out for your vino-dollars. Boo-yeah.

Fourth and lastly, some madman bought three 500ml bottles of 1992 Screaming Eagle for $22,900 at Acker-Merrall's March 29 auction (yes, that was last week, but it's still shocking). That's about $673.50 per ounce. But then, perspective matters. Warren Buffet has 62 billion dollars. He could buy 700,000 gallons of 1992 Screaming Eagle and still have money left for a really nice house.