Jun's Kitchen posted the super-satisfying video that's currently trending on YouTube.

By Clara Olshansky
Updated June 20, 2017
polishing a rusty knife to be good as new
Credit: Courtesy of JunsKitchen / YouTube

There's something oddly satisfying about watching a knife go from "so rusty that it looks like an artifact salvaged from a garbage heap that hasn't been touched since the Industrial Revolution" to "so shiny and sharp that you'd swear it cost hundreds of dollars at Sur La Table." In this video, Jun from Jun's Kitchen does just that – he rescues a horribly decrepit knife from its rubbish bin fate by polishing and sharpening it step-by-step. By the time he's through with it, the knife is cutting vegetables to slices thinner than paper and cutting paper better than an X-Acto blade.

Technically Jun bought this knife at a secondhand store, but not in the usual sense. When Jun went to get rid of some things, he saw a man trying to sell a traditional Japanese knife to the shop. The knife was so gross-looking, that the store refused to buy it from him, even for just 30 Yen (about 30 U.S. cents). Jun then approached the man to buy the knife, and suddenly the man wouldn't sell it for less than $3. But if, as Frank Sinatra said, "The best revenge is massive success", then Jun is vindicated as hell. Not only did he restore the knife to straight-up kitchen porn, but the video is also #1 on trending on YouTube.

knife from rusty to shiny
Credit: Courtesy of JunsKitchen / YouTube

Unfortunately for the rest of us, it's not really an instructional video. He does, however, link to the tools he uses in the description of the video, so that's a start. Jun is definitely making all those rusty knives in secondhand stores across the world look a whole lot more appealing.

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