Watch Fourth of July foods go BOOM.

One of the best—if not, honestly, the absolute best—parts of any July Fourth celebration is the food. The grilled hot dogs, fresh corn on the cob, potato salad, juicy burgers—it’s all just so delicious. You’re probably so busy eating it that you’ve never considered another great use for this food: Making it explode. Hear me out, because it’s much more satisfying to watch than you might think.

David Ma, who made this awesome video of recipes reimagined in the style of famous directors, has discovered that beloved summer staples—hot dogs, potato salad, Jell-O, one very big watermelon and fireworks—make an explosive combination. So he decided to set up a few tables decked out with these delicacies and show the world what a joy watching food blow up can be. And while you might be thinking that making a bowl of potato salad and a plate of hot dogs explode into smithereens is a waste of precious food, my only answer to you would be that at least it looks cool.

Personally, I think the watermelon looks the coolest—in a split second it goes from being a solid object to an airborne mess of pink pulp mixed with chunks of green skin. I don’t envy the person who had to clean it up once the cameras switched off.

While we recommend eating everything that you cook up for your Fourth of July party—and for that matter, watching the fireworks from a distance rather than using them to destroy your dinner—it should be said that this rather unusual way of celebrating Independence Day looks just as good as potato salad tastes.