Courtesy of Lilli CarréSo, you think you’re a serious juicer? Have you taken a juice vacation? Because that’s the new standard for real juicers. F&W's Kate Krader names more of the top trends in juicing.>>

By Kate Krader
Updated May 23, 2017

Courtesy of Lilli Carré

So, you think you’re a serious juicer? Have you taken a juice vacation? Because that’s the new standard for real juicers. Hotels from New York State’s Catskills to Southern California now offer long and short juice vacations. Real juicers, here are more trends to stay on top of.

Corporate Cleansing
It’s the best new thing to talk about around the water cooler (besides Homeland). Several companies are promoting liquid diets (the juice kind) as the best new form of team building. Group juice cleansing thrives at Merrill Lynch and Citigroup offices (some Citigroup cafeterias make it supereasy by offering the BluePrintCleanse), according to the New York Times. In fact, Eric Helms, founder of Cooler Cleanse with actress Salma Hayek, says almost a third of his business now comes from corporate cleanse groups. Still, some work cleansers say their next group activity would be an alcoholic Happy Hour.

The Hottest Words in Juicing
Here are two words that are going to make your juice-loving friends pay attention: “cold-pressed.” The fast-growing new chain Juice Press is among the many places that now offer cold-pressed ("raw," unpasteurized) juices, which reportedly have a higher nutrient content than plain old juicer juice. Special machines extract the juice at a slower speed, reducing the fruit and veggies into a pulp, which supposedly helps extract nutritional enzymes. New York Yankee fans, take note: First baseman Mark Teixeira is one of the Juice Press owners.

Coffee Goes Juice-y
First Starbucks sold wine in its coffee shops. Now it's juice time. Starbucks’ first retail juice store, Evolution Fresh, opened in Bellevue, WA last year, followed by two outposts in Seattle and one in San Francisco. The Bellevue store boasts an on-tap juicewall, where you can blend your own signature drink (let’s say greens, pineapple and blueberry, with a cayenne add-in). Yes, they sell Starbucks coffee at Evolution Fresh.

Wacky Juicing
At Manhattan’s City Bakery, Maury Rubin makes my absolute favorite chocolate chip cookies. Now at his Birdbath Bakery juice bar, he offers an antidote for all those cookies I’ve eaten in my life, in some very interesting flavors. Clearly, Rubin has been shopping the farmers' market: Choices include Fennel, Kirby Cucumber and Cold-Pressed (!!) Sugarcane; Organic Sweet Potato, Orange and Cilantro; and Foamy Pineapple, Cucumber and Purslane. What’s more, the menu includes nutritional notes: “The fennel in this drink provides half a day’s potassium and a full day’s vitamin C.”

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