When F&W's Test Kitchen created 10 delicious pasta recipes, we felt confident enough to set them before the toughest critics: three F&W Best New Chefs.

Pasta and its sauce need to speak the same language. "Otherwise," says Marc Vetri, "the dish just doesn't make any sense." Vetri, the chef at Vetri and Osteria in Philadelphia, recently shared his philosophy (and strong opinions) at a tasting of recipes created by the F&W Test Kitchen to showcase five different pasta shapes, from linguine to fusilli to lasagna noodles.


Scott Conant. Photo © Quentin Bacon.

Vetri and co-judges Scott Conant (of Scarpetta in Miami and NYC) and Michael Schlow (of Boston's Radius and Via Matta) tasted each pasta shape with two different sauces, then picked the most successful matchup. "That delicious sauce clings to the orecchiette, and you get a little bit of each ingredient in every bite," said Conant approvingly about Grace Parisi's amazing pairing of the ear-shaped pasta with a ground veal ragù flavored with capers, herbs and white wine. "It's like something you'd find in a small trattoria in Italy."

But even though our panel of chef-judges are all masters of the pasta craft, their opinions aren't the only ones that matter: We want to hear from you, too. Please tell us which pasta pairings are your favorites at foodandwine.com/pasta-poll.

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