Joshua Bell loves 24-course meals in Lima, coconut water backstage and bone marrow everywhere (just don’t ask him to share).

By Farrah Shaikh
Updated May 24, 2017
From Left: © Cedric Angeles; © Philip Knott; © Robert Fried / Alamy Stock Photo

Concert Rider Food Request
I do ask for a few things, though I have to remember to change it up every once in a while—after 150 spaghetti Bologneses, I can’t look at another one. My current standbys are bananas, coconut water, and chicken or vegetable soup.

Ultimate Burger Run
When I’m on the West Coast, one of the first things I do is head to In-N-Out Burger. One time, the concert hall sent an embarrassingly large stretch limo to pick me up before a show. I had to stop at In-N-Out. But I noticed that across the street was a McDonald’s, which I prefer for the fries. So I sent the driver to the In-N-Out while I ran, Stradivarius in hand, for the fries.

Kobe Connection
Pianist Alessio Bax happens to be a great chef. Recently he came over and made Kobe steak. He has a butcher who can get him real Kobe from Japan, not the imitation kind you find in Kobe hot dogs. What’s next, Kobe sloppy joes?

South American Food Fantasy
I just came back from a South American tour and was blown away by the food scene in Lima, Peru. I had a 24-course meal at Astrid & Gastón and one of the best Japanese meals of my life at Osaka.

Bone of Contention
Growing up, when we had steak for dinner, my sisters and I would fight over the marrow bone. To this day, I seek out restaurants that offer a great bone marrow dish so I can have it to myself.

Celebrity Chefs in His Kitchen
I often mix food and music for events I host at my place in New York. I just had David Bouley in my kitchen for an event thrown by Krug. I watch—and taste—from the sidelines, though it’s fun to participate when they let me.

The One Dish He’s Mastered
Cocoa Pebbles. Actually, my kids say my soft scrambled eggs are the best.