If the Astros can pull off a win against the Nationals, the chef and humanitarian will take the field with President Trump in the stands.

Credit: Sean Zanni/Getty Images

José Andrés may already be a world-class chef, but if the Houston Astros can pull off a win against the Washington Nationals the next two nights, the chef will also be a World Series pitcher. Today, the Nationals announced Andrés as the team's choice to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at game five on Sunday, October 27, should the best-of-seven series last that long.

It's an interesting move by Washington D.C.'s home team, to say the least, as it comes just a day after President Donald Trump announced he planned to attend that very game, the Los Angeles Times reports. Andrés and Trump have had a tumultuous relationship, at one point going into business together to put an Andrés restaurant into the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. Andrés pulled out of the deal in 2015 after comments then-presidential candidate Trump made on the campaign trail. Andrés has since been a vocal critic of President Trump's policies and rhetoric toward immigrants, as well as the administration's handling of disaster relief in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.

Andrés and his charity World Central Kitchen were instrumental in providing food to victims and relief workers in Puerto Rico, and he's been a champion of the island ever since. His work with World Central Kitchen—which has provided over one million meals to disaster zones around the world since its founding in 2010—even put him on the nominee list for the Nobel Peace Prize this year, a designation he shared with none other than President Trump.

Of course, as a resident of the greater D.C. area, Andrés expressed in a tweet that he'd rather just see the Nationals win in a four-game sweep.