The nonprofit served roughly two million meals to the world's most vulnerable. 
jose andres in puerto rico
Credit: Courtesy of World Central Kitchen

2018 was a giant year for World Central Kitchen, the nonprofit founded by Nobel Peace Prize nominee José Andrés in 2011 to feed victims of natural disasters. And it was a big year for Andrés himself; in addition to opening new restaurant concepts and getting nominated for global accolades and hitting the Oscars and writing op-eds and publishing books, he was traveling around the world feeding humanity's most vulnerable, which begged the question—just how many Josés Andrés are there? (At the time of publishing, we can still only confirm one.)

And WCK, under Andrés' energetic leadership, did serious work around the globe this year, earning recognition from Fast Company as one of 2018's Most Innovative Companies.

Here's what the organization accomplished in 2018, by the numbers.

Over 40,000 meals served at El Barretal

Since the organization began serving meals to migrants at the temporary Tijuana shelter, roughly 200 volunteers have joined on, helping to make roughly 4,000 meals per day.

"We are feeding the family section where thousands of women and children are living... most have little money and no ability to cook here," wrote Andrés on Twitter. "Feeding families, mothers and children’s in need of a plate of food. Is the human thing to do. Partnering with local churches next!"

Over 200,000 meals to Camp Fire survivors and first responders

WCK amassed over 3,000 volunteers and is continuing to serve roughly 500 meals a day to victims of the fires.

The fire, which started in Pulga, California in November, is considered the deadliest fire in the state's history.

And roughly 3,500 pounds of mashed potatoes

To host Thanksgiving for California wildfire victims and first responders, WCK prepared 7,000 pounds of turkeys, 3,500 pounds of mashed potatoes with 100 gallons of gravy, 3,000 pounds of green beans, 500 pounds of fresh cranberries, and 1,000 pumpkin pies. Celebrity chefs Tyler Florence and Guy Fieri helped out, too.

Over 300,000 meals in the Florida Panhandle

When Hurricane Michael wreaked havoc on the Florida panhandle in early October, WCK had already been on the ground, getting ready to go. Andrés and his team fed hot meals to first responders and the thousands of people displaced by the Hurricane.

Over 3 million meals around the world

"WCK has served over 2 million meals this year between our multiple responses in California, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guatemala, Indonesia, North Carolina, Florida, and Mexico," a rep tells Food & Wine.

Note: Estimates provided by World Central Kitchen.