Lionfish is on the menu. 

Jose Andres
Credit: OurLocalCommons

José Andrés is moving full steam ahead with his plan to change the world, and his latest restaurant project is evidence that he may start focusing on the environment: The chef recently announced the debut of his all-new restaurant on Paradise Island in the Bahamas called Fish by José Andrés, and the menu will highlight “sustainable Bahamian fishing practices.”

Fish by José Andrés is located in The Cove, a luxury resort on Paradise Island. The signature dish will be a “simply prepared, fried local lionfish.” Lionfish are an invasive species that has been multiplying at an alarming rate in the Bahamas, where it has been doing irreparable harm to the coral reefs.

Andrés—who is a practiced fisherman himself—hopes that overfishing the lionfish will allow the coral reefs to once again flourish, and may also help the local fish populations recover. The lionfish will even be caught with spears, rather than traditional equipment, which can cause further damage to the already fragile ecosystem.

Part of the proceeds from this dish will also benefit the Blue Project Foundation, the resort’s non-profit, which is dedicated to preserving the Bahamas’ marine life.

“Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the ocean – whether it’s enjoying the freshest delicacies of the local waters or going diving,” Andrés said in a statement. “Fish tells the story of this beautiful, mysterious thing we call the sea, through food… Our Bahamian team is as committed as I am to supporting sustainable fishing practices and the protection of the Bahamian coral reefs.”

The restaurant will also serve scorched conch, hog snapper, and seared scallops. The restaurant features a raw seafood bar, as well as a so-called “fire stage”—two outdoor ovens, where the chefs prepare jerk chicken and grilled oysters.

With Andrés at the helm, it’s no surprise that his latest enterprise is so much more than a restaurant—it’s a place where great food and social justice converge.