José Andrés can now add musician to his resume.

Jose Andres Rap
Credit: © Paul Morigi / Stringer / Getty Images

Chef José Andrés has moved on from litigating President Trump. He’s now rapping about him.

Yesterday, the Spanish chef, who has restaurants in six different cities across the United States, tweeted a link to a rap he wrote, (gently) criticizing Trump’s stance on immigration.

Trump and Andrés have been adversaries since 2015, when the latter decided to pull out of a deal with the realtor turned president to open a restaurant inside Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC. At the time, Andres cited offensive remarks that Trump made about Mexican immigrants during his presidential campaign as his reason for backing out.

Trump sought $10 million dollars in damages for breach of contract. In retaliation Andrés counter-sued for $8 million. The two resolved their legal battle earlier this week, issuing a joint statement in which Andres said, “I am pleased that we were able to resolve our differences and move forward corporately, as friends...Going forward, we are excited about the prospects of working together with the Trump organization on a variety of programs to benefit the community.”

The release of Andrés’ rap, however, points to the fact that the amicable resolution could have been all for show.

Lyrics to the heavily auto-tuned rap include the lines, “Donald Trump are you ready to make a move? Are you ready pass immigration reform?”

The rapper/chef addresses President Trump directly, telling him that America wants him to pass immigration reform in order to “take care of every single man living on American soil.”

Andrés’ move seems to say that he’s not quite done clashing with the president, or at least that he’s willing to keep challenging his political agenda. And as an immigrant himself, his words—as difficult to understand as they are on the track—carry weight in an industry where 70 percent of the work force is made up of immigrants in some cities.

Andrés also challenged a few of his famous friends, Eric Ripert and Anthony Bourdain to record songs of their own, but neither have responded yet. Last year, Bourdain quipped that “every restaurant in America would shut down" if illegal immigrants were deported. The Parts Unknown host hasn't been shy about his criticism of Trump, so we'll have to see if he takes to the mic soon as well.