One of the island’s unlikely heroes after Hurricane Maria is turning to a longer format than Twitter.
jose andres in puerto rico
Credit: Courtesy of World Central Kitchen

Some people suggest that times of crisis bring out our true character. Whether that’s accurate or not, the way José Andrés responded to the devastation in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria certainly helped to shift the chef’s reputation from culinary superstar to dedicated humanitarian. Though his charity organization World Central Kitchen has been using the power of food to empower communities around the globe since 2010, his work last year to help his fellow Americans truly showed the group’s capabilities – serving over 3 million meals while other relief efforts struggled. Now, the chef says he’s planning on turning his Puerto Rico experience into a book, hoping to share what he’s learned with others.

Throughout his time in Puerto Rico, Andres regularly turned to Twitter to keep everyone informed of what was happening – both the devastation on the ground and the progress of the relief efforts – so fittingly, the chef turned to Twitter to announce the news of the project. Yesterday, a Twitter user with the handle @FatGirlsvsWorld wrote, “I would love if @chefjoseandres one day writes a book about what he did in Puerto Rico — what he did, what he learned, and what he'd want to fix.” Almost immediately, Andres’s account responded, “The Puerto Rico book is coming...”

No other details including the obvious questions of a release date or publisher have seemed to emerge. However, this won’t be the chef’s first time to write something longer than 280 characters. In 2005, he released Tapas: A Taste of Spain in America, and three years later, he penned Made in Spain: Spanish Dishes for the American Kitchen. But as those two titles suggest, assuming this new tome actually comes to fruition, it will be Andres’s first time tackling a subject of such gravitas. And you also have to wonder, with all the chef has been through in the past couple years, given this kind of podium, would the book also venture into other topics… like a much-publicized feud with the president, for instance? We’ll have to wait and see.