Last month, Jonny Knowles made a simple mistake that cost him a small fortune. 
Wheel of Fortune
Credit: Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

Sometimes when Wheel of Fortune comes on, I watch in absolute awe of the contestants who seem to be able to conjure up these phrases at the drop of a hat, with just a few letters on the board. Other times, not so much. Last month, a contestant named Jonny Knowles fell squarely into the latter category, when a simple misstep cost him the game. But thanks to José Andrés, his luck might be turning around.

Knowles had the fully written-out clue on the board in front of him—“Flamenco Dance Lessons”—but he flubbed the pronunciation, saying “flamingo” instead. That one mispronounced word—which to be fair to Knowles is an easy enough mistake to make if you’re not familiar with the dance style—lost him $7,100 dollars and a trip to Spain.

Enter Andrés, who has lately made it his business to reach out a helping hand to people, whether that means feeding families in Puerto Rico or inviting an aspiring chef battling cancer over for dinner. He heard about Knowles error, and perhaps agreeing that it would be easy to confuse the two words, called out to him on Twitter.

The chef offered the spurned speller an all expenses paid trip to Spain (including food!) to make up for the loss. Of course, he can’t refund him the money he lost during the game, but if he's getting free meals prepared at restaurants owned by Andrés, that’s quite the reward in itself.

Knowles has yet to respond (he wasn't actually tagged in the tweet in any way), but on the off chance he’s reading this maybe I can get his attention: Listen, my friend. You’re being offered the trip of a lifetime by one of the best chefs in the country. Jump on this offer while you still have the chance! I know you’re probably embarrassed because of that mishap on national television, but it’s time to emerge from the shadows. Everyone makes mistakes—don’t make another one by not responding to Andrés. Most of all, have fun in Spain. We have a few recommendations on what you should eat while you’re there, but we'll defer to José on that!