The José Andrés restaurant opens later this year.
Jaleo Disney Springs
Credit: Copyright: Think Food Group

Walt Disney World is already an attractive destination with a revolving array of treats (they year they’re purple!) and new attractions like Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge on the way. But it’s also attracting some of the biggest names in the restaurant business, too. Disney Springs, the shopping and dining destination located outside the theme park, is home to a dense concentration of well-known names, from Masaharu Morimoto to Wolfgang Puck to Art Smith. In 2019 you can add José Andrés to that list as Jaleo opens its doors to offer up Spanish cuisine from the Nobel Prize-nominated chef. And now we have our first look at the building’s facade which will greet guests as they enter.

To house the two stories and 22,000 square feet of dining and kitchen space — Andrés largest restaurant to date — the architects at Barcelona-based Capella Garcia blended Spanish design themes under a roof that’s meant to evoke a certain vegetable: an artichoke. The organic influence extends inward, too, as Juli Capella, principal at Capella Garcia Arquitectura explained in a statement: “There are no cubic forms, no opaque walls, no straight lines: here reigns a plant-like organic structure with its dynamic forms. An avant-garde, expressionist and welcoming architecture.”

“Typical Spanish colors of citrus, namely orange and lemon, offer a welcoming ambiance alongside predominant touches of wood and ceramic materials," the announcement from Disney goes on to reveal. Two private dining terraces will offer diners views of either the promenade or Lake Buena Vista.

Another revelation from the announcement is that the Disney Springs Jaleo will also house a quick-service concept for dining and dashing (or dashing, then dining — whatever suits your needs). "Occupying the front-corner of Jaleo and overlooking the main promenade of Disney Springs will be a quick-service concept serving Spanish street-food-inspired sandwiches and salads," the announcement reads. "The design of the casual restaurant features natural materials and a luminous, open feel, inviting visitors into the friendly space, which is centered around a large mural from Marc Jesús, a famous painter from Menorca."

Jaleo is scheduled to open this winter in Disney Springs' West Side.