Andrés also reveals his conversations with that “poor lady,” purple cabbage.

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José Andrés is many things: A chef, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a submarine captain, and, as we've learned time and time again, an absolutely stellar talk show guest. So when one of America's most beloved chefs and one of America's most likable talk show hosts get together, you'd expect them to — as is usually the cast with these kinds of cooking demonstrations — chat away the segment. But, surprisingly, when José Andrés visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, the pair stayed remarkably on-task, delivering not one, but three recipes in between jokes and anecdotes.

While promoting his new cookbook Vegetables Unleashed, Andrés took DeGeneres through the process of making a vegan Pisco sour, a drink he says you can feel good about sipping. "Pisco is made out of grapes, which is a fruit [...] and the grapes tell me, 'Jose, tell my story.'" Okay, so Andrés talks to grapes. "When you drink pisco, when you drink this liquid from Peru, do you know what you’re really doing? You are supporting the local economies, you are supporting the farmers of the world. Every time you drink you are supporting someone somewhere in the world." That's as good a reason to enjoy Pisco as any.

The cocktail is made with pisco, simple syrup, lime, angostura bitters, and aquafaba (chickpea juice) in place of the egg whites. While shaking the cocktail shaker, Andrés remarks that it's a good way to work out in the morning, causing DeGeneres to quip "Oh, in the morning is when you do this." Hey, if making boozy drinks early in the a.m. is Andrés's secret to success, we're listening.

Then Andrés moves on to purple cabbage, what he calls a "forgotten vegetable." "Everybody forgets her in the supermarket. The purple cabbage tells me 'Jose, use me please, use me.'" So, for the record, he also talks to cabbage. Andrés juices the cabbage which he then shows can be turned into a simple soup or, with the same ingredients in different proportions, can become a salad dressing. Eschewing food waste, he then tosses the leftover cabbage pulp into a rice cooker to make purple cabbage rice for tacos.

Finally, he moves onto some grated parmesan (we told you this segment was jampacked!) which he lets fall into a nonstick pan "like rain," melting and browning it to create a cheese crust to wrap around a squash blossom and top with sour cream and salt. "And all of a sudden the cheese and squash blossom are happy for life," he tells DeGeneres. It does sound rather satisfying.

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