The "sucky" collection dropped just in time for Valentine's Day. 
apple flavored jolly rancher sucky jewelry
Credit: Courtesy of Jolly Ranchers

Remember Ring Pops, the candy bling you could alternately wear and eat? Of course you do, because who doesn't secretly love an excuse to eat something you're wearing? Well, food jewelry fanciers are in luck, because Jolly Rancher has launched a new spin on the Ring Pop and the candy necklace with a line of its own wearable candy.

Designed by Fabrice Covelli and National Design Award Winner Mary Ping, the Jolly Rancher jewelry collection includes a ring, bracelet, necklace and earrings, all made from faux versions of the candy (so don’t try to actually eat them).

The chunky pieces are flamboyant and a little over-the-top—perfect for the type of person who likes to make a statement with their jewelry—but simple and minimalist enough to actually be wearable. The candy company has figured out a way to make wearing an imitation green apple Jolly Rancher on your wrist fashionable. The earrings especially look more like chunks of shiny green glass that you might find on the beach rather than a piece of candy.

Unfortunately, you can’t walk into any old jewelry store and pick out one of the pieces for your Valentine. Instead, Jolly Rancher wants you to share your “personal Valentine’s gift-giving nightmares” (either something you gave or received—maybe that well-meaning pair of socks or the scale that you really did not need to complete your bathroom décor) using the #ValentinesDaySucks hashtag on Twitter. If your story is bad enough, you just might win one of the limited-edition items from the collection.

Of course, the point would be to give your winnings away to the love of your life, but why not be your own Valentine this year? After reliving your worst Valentine’s Day experience in order to win the jewelry, you might not exactly be in the mood to celebrate the holiday. Here’s my suggestion, if you do end up winning: Slip on your new jewelry, get dressed up in your favorite outfit, and buy yourself a bouquet of flowers. And chocolate, too! Treat yourself, you deserve it.