By Aly Walansky
Updated June 27, 2016
Jollibee, New York
Credit: © JAY DIRECTO/AFP/Getty Images

Filipino chain Jollibee’s has a cult following throughout the world for their menu of everything from fried eggs served and garlic rice to their famous ‘Chicken Joy’ (Filipino fried chicken). But despite a growing international presence they haven’t made it to the largest city in the United States.

Until now, that is. A branch is about to open in Manhattan, near Port Authority.

Featuring a menu that is a mix of fast food and Filipino specialties like the aforementioned fried chicken, sweet spaghetti with hot dogs and a sweet mash-up of ingredients called halo-halo, which, in the words of Anthony Bourdain, “makes no goddam sense at all,” this much-loved spot will bring a distinct new angle to the crowded Times Square-area fast food scene.

Known to many as the McDonald’s of the Philippines, this is not Jollibee’s first stateside location – in addition to their hundreds of international spots, they have locations along the West Coast as well as in Jersey City and Woodside way out in Queens.

“There is a large Filipino population in New Jersey, many of whom commute through Port Authority every day. This will be a tremendous help in introducing the chain to Manhattan,” a rep for the chain told BuzzFeed.

Get ready for a heavy dose of spam, pineapple and brightly-colored desserts, the Manhattan Jollibee location is set to open in Fall 2016.