With little fat and lots of inventiveness, legendary French chef Joël Robuchon creates big flavors.

I count myself among the 45 million Americans currently on a diet, consulting weight-loss gurus at every turn. But no pep talk has ever been as compelling as my recent chat with Joël Robuchon, the world's most Michelin-starred chef. At his L'Atelier in Manhattan, he spoke passionately about his commitment to healthy eating—touting his favorite ingredients ("One should eat cumin every day!") and championing the scientists who advise him ("We the chefs have a responsibility to learn about the chemical makeup of food!").

Today he eliminates as much butter, oil and salt from his new dishes as possible. "I developed so many healthy recipes over two months that I lost 22 pounds," Robuchon boasts. The recipes here show what this legend can do.

Healthy Dishes & Recipes from Michelin Chefs

Grilled Niçoise Tuna Steaks
Credit: © Quentin Bacon
Chicken Salad with Cumin-Scented Carrot Raita
Credit: © Deirdre Rooney
Milk-Braised Pork Tenderloin with Spinach and Strawberry Salad