I’ve never been one for the celebrity scandals and movie-star gossip in US Weekly or Page Six. My real guilty pleasure is reading about the rumors, controversy and speculation surrounding the NFL pre-season. In addition to covering the league’s latest drama, ESPN the Magazine is now going into the kitchen with top NFL stars as part of their new online series, Jock Chefs. For the first episode, Kris Jenkins, the enormous defensive tackle for the New York Jets, prepares a healthy egg-white omelet at teammate Eric Barton’s house. There’s something about watching a 330-pound lineman chopping garlic and onions that is completely enthralling…and adorable. Jenkins even has his mise en place in Jets dishes. More segments are in the works with wannabe–Top Chef players from other teams. An insider told me there's a chance these NFL cooking shows could start running on SportsCenter or NFL Countdown once the season officially starts.