The late night host turned recent snowy weather into a polar vortex-inspired prank.
Credit: ABC/Randy Holmes

With sub-freezing temperatures hitting part of the United States in the past couple weeks, late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel had a challenge for parents around the country to turn snowfall into a spaghetti dinner. Bear with me.

Last week, Kimmel put a call out during his monologue for parents to prank their kids by serving a classic spaghetti and meatballs dinner with one notable ingredient swap: Instead of meatballs, use actual snowballs. You know, from outside. As Kimmel has done with his now-classic annual “we ate all your Halloween candy” video roundup — in which parents pretend to have devoured their children’s hard-earned trick-or-treat haul while the kids weren’t looking — he asked people to send in a video of their family's reaction to the odd pasta topping. And last night, viewers reaped the rewards.

Take a look at a montage of kids' reactions below:

Reactions, surprisingly, were varied though most erred on the side of put off. Perhaps even more surprising is the number of kids who actually took a bite. “This is the worst recipe in the world!” on boy chimed in. Another child said it was silly, but also admitted, “it’s good.” Watching his language carefully (so as not to add a bar of soap to the mix) another boy asked, “What the frick?” And in one of the clips, a boy with a refined palate comments, “It tastes like a moldy tire.” So if you try this one at your house, maybe avoid snow collected from the driveway.

Some parents went for marinara sauce while others went for bare noodles, a choice that I’ll assume just depends on the traditional spaghetti and snowballs recipe you grew up with. Sadly, if meatballs were your expectation, then snowballs aren’t going to cut it. Such was the case for one unicorn princess on her birthday, whose piled up plate of spaghetti and snow brought her to tears.

If all of this has you hungry for your own pasta night, try these recipes. Though, I’d recommend not watering them down with any melting snow.