The host wants viewers to "call their senators."

jimmy kimmel
Credit: Randy Holmes / Getty Images

Jimmy Kimmel has lately been on a mission to convince the government to abandon plans to implement a bill that would replace Obamacare. This is neither food nor wine, you might be thinking to yourself. True, but stick with me. Kimmel’s young son recently had to have an operation on his heart, and being the wealthy celebrity that he is, the talk show host probably has great health insurance. Still, he recognizes many people out there aren’t as lucky, so he’s been using his platform to speak out against a bill he believes will hurt families who are taking care of sick children. The latest attempt to introduce new healthcare legislation turned out to be a failure, vindicating Kimmel, and giving him the opportunity to launch another crusade, this time against one of the most controversial foods of our time: pumpkin spice pizza.

“There’s another threat on the horizon that is maybe even more disturbing than anything we have seen in Congress,” Kimmel deadpans.

An image of Villa Italian Kitchen’s pumpkin spice pizza flashes up on the screen (this is the same restaurant chain that created an edible pizza bikini, by the way).

Kimmel speculates that “someone, probably a monster, decided that it would be a good idea to combine pumpkin spice and pizza, two things that go together like peanut butter and snow tires.”

Maybe the talk show host is right, and this is an unholy pairing of two flavors that have no business being on the same plate together, but then again, people love Waffle & Syrup Oreos, and this black ice cream made with charcoal. Maybe pumpkin spice pizza will go down in history as one of those flavor combinations that inexplicably just works. Regardless, Kimmel is not having it.

“I’m going to have to ask you to pick up your phones and call your senators again,” he jokes. “Tell them we will not stand for pumpkin spice pizza.”