Kimmel's annual prank-your-kids Halloween candy fun times never gets old.
jimmy kimmel live halloween candy channing tatum
Credit: Courtesy of ABC / Randy Holmes

Jimmy Kimmel might be on vacation from his late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live!, but in the spirit of Halloween, he didn’t miss a beat playing a trick about treats.

Candy is to Halloween what gifts are to Christmas, which is why it’s completely understandable that a young child would get visibly upset upon learning their parent had eaten all of their hard-earned Halloween candy (those neighborhood blocks aren’t going to walk themselves, you know). But just because it’s understandable doesn’t mean we won’t laugh.

Kimmel knows this, which is why he took a few moments—despite being away from his hosting duties—to continue his show’s longstanding post-Halloween tradition of videotaping kids crying over their parents eating their candy. Only this time, Kimmel turned the camera on his daughter, Jane.

Unfortunately for the comedian and to his daughter’s testament, the news didn’t hit as hard as he would have liked. Upon hearing what her father has done, Jane becomes somewhat stressed, particularly about the Swedish Fish and the fact that her father may have eaten bubbles, which “are for blowing” and not eating. But by and large, the young girl takes it in stride, appreciating her one remaining roll of smarties and getting excited about her warm and ready waffles. Jane is either the most mature young woman we’ve ever seen, or she’s been numbed to her father’s antics.

The same can’t be said for stand-in-host Channing Tatum’s daughter, Everly, who had a near breakdown over the fact that her famous father had morphed into some kind of Halloween villain. After revealing the upsetting news, the young girl crawls over to her mother, Jenna Dewan Tatum, and cries into her legs. Your heart breaks and so does Tatum’s, who ends up cracking after a minute or so. When telling Everly he didn’t eat the candy, she offers the most appropriate response ever: “That’s not funny.”

If you ever wanted to know the true meaning of the word “monster,” it seems that you only have to tell your children you’ve eaten all their Halloween candy.