The 'Tonight Show' host and Black Thought of The Roots live-streamed their dinner with a Philadelphia family last night. 
Jimmy Fallon ice cream flavor
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

Last night, Jimmy Fallon and Black Thought, of The Roots, were in Philadelphia, where they stopped by the home of the Moore family for a surprise dinner party.

The always-charming host of The Tonight Show and this companion Black Thought, otherwise known as Tariq Trotter, met the Moore Family—husband Rodney, his wife, and their seven children (six of which are girls)—for a dinner of what Rodney calls “salmon cheesesteaks.” Rodney, who is trying to eat healthily, put his own twist on the classic cheesesteak dish by making it with salmon and a vegetable stir-fry.

Before dinner, one of the girls, 14-year-old Mia, who is an experienced dancer, taught Fallon some of her moves in the living room. The pair put together a short dance routine, and then Fallon decided to get to know 9-year-old Miles, the only other boy (besides his dad) in the house. He and Fallon bonded over a game of "NBA Jam." Then it was time for dinner.

Before eating, Rodney took the opportunity to give a shout out to his friend’s wine company, Bursel Black. Fallon, being the supportive dinner guest that he is, poured himself a glass. Rodney then showed off how he cooks his cheesesteaks: He wraps the sandwiches in tin foil and lets them cook in the oven.

Finally, it came time to sit down for dinner (you must be getting hungry just thinking about it, I know I am). The family was so eager to eat that they unwrapped the tin foil directly on their placemats—skipping plates altogether and digging right in. Fallon liked the meal so much he led the family in a round of applause for Rodney’s cooking skills.

During dinner, the group talked about the Philadelphia Eagles recent Super Bowl win of course, and Rodney complained that his air fryer doesn’t work very well. You can’t show up to a dinner party empty handed of course, so Fallon presented the family with a brand new air fryer, along with presents for the kids (he must have been tipped off).

Right before he left, Fallon sang karaoke with the twin girls Elena and Olivia (with Trotter on supporting vocals). They picked the song “Sorry, Not Sorry” by Demi Lovato, and totally rocked it.

What would you do with Jimmy Fallon if he came over for dinner? What would you cook for him? Since this surprise dinner party was clearly a success, maybe he’ll come to your city next.