You'd be surprised to find out what can (and cannot) be turned into hot dog. 

Rhett & Link on Jimmy Fallon
Credit: NBC / Contributor / Getty Images

“Good Mythical Morning” show hosts and YouTube superstars Rhett & Link, who are famous for their hysterical food-related antics (this video in which they eat Carolina Reaper is a must-watch), stopped by The Tonight Show last night to share a meal with Jimmy Fallon. The trio played an innocent enough sounding game called “Will It Hot Dog”—the “Will It” series is a long standing Rhett & Link tradition—but things quickly took a turn for the gross as they often do with this either very courageous or very silly pair.

Rhett & Link have stopped by Jimmy Fallon before to torture him with ever-stranger food combinations, for two segments, “Will it Tea,” and a “Will it S’more,” so the late night host should have known what he was getting himself into when he signed up for yet another round of food-based experimentation.

This time around, the pair decided to create hot dogs. And not the mouthwateringly juicy, smothered in relish and onions, ultimate summer-comfort food kind. They chose far, far stranger things to stuff in the bun. No spoilers, but here, but be warned: If you’re squeamish you might to skip the end of video, when they take on a food that's a little bit less-than-fit for human consumption.

Jimmy Fallon seems to be a fan of the food taste test, and even more so of grossing people out for laughs: He and Mario Batali recently played “Secret Ingredient,” trying weird mash-ups like anchovy gelato. He subjected Anthony Bourdain to a similar game, who looked miserable throughout the experience, as he ate a three-course meal made with what most people would consider unappetizing secret ingredients. He even had Kristen Wiig on to make up some cocktail recipes.

Then again, for a video that’s all about eating, it might do a pretty good job of ruining your appetite. But if you're strong of stomach and looking for a belly laugh, this will likely do the trick.