Send him your best family recipe for a chance to cook for him and Black Thought, lead MC of The Roots.

You know that party game you’ve played with friends around the dinner table after a few drinks? The one where you pick three people—living or dead—you’d like to have dinner with? If you’ve played recently, I bet you’ve heard someone chose Jimmy Fallon at least once. Gregarious, charming, and with an uncanny ability to impersonate Neil Young, he’s the ideal dinner party guest, especially after a couple glasses of wine (at least, that’s what I assume). If you live in Philadelphia, you might soon have the chance to make that dream a reality.

On April 17, Fallon will head to Philadelphia with the lead MC of the show’s in-house band, The Roots. While he’s in town, Fallon would like to have dinner with a local family, and while there will probably be no shortage of volunteers opening their doors to the comic, there is a screening process.

Interested hosts should submit their favorite family recipe—one they would cook for Fallon and Black Thought, were the pair to join the family for dinner—as well as a compelling reason their family is interesting enough to be interviewed by Fallon. The chosen family will have the entire dinner party streamed for a Facebook Live video—likely to a hilarious and (given how stilted dinner parties can be with strangers, especially famous strangers) awkward effect.

One can only guess what The Tonight Show host has up his sleeve for the dinner, but given that The Roots were formed in Philadelphia, there is a good chance topics might include the city’s history, its political climate, and almost certainly a good portion of the evening will be dedicated to sports: The Philadelphia Eagles won the Superbowl this year, and just yesterday Villanova University's men’s basketball team celebrated its NCAA Championship win with a victory parade.

The conversation, regardless of the subject matter, is sure to be spirited with Fallon at the helm, but what can make or break a dinner party, regardless of who shows up at the table, is the food. If you plan to submit a legendary family recipe to the contest, be sure you're bringing your A-game.