Ben & Jerry's will release a new flavor in honor of the talk show host in November. 
Jimmy Fallon ice cream flavor
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

Jimmy Fallon—who is known to sample a variety of odd and not always tasty foods, including a series of weird hot dogs with Rhett and Link, on The Tonight Show—understands at least one thing when it comes to treating his audience: Everyone likes ice cream. How do we know? He keeps coming out with new flavors.

Fallon already got his own ice cream flavor, courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s—which has also teamed up with Late Show host Stephen Colbert on his Americone Dream flavor—back in 2015, called the Tonight Dough. When Fallon was the host of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Ben & Jerry’s created the flavor Late Night Snack in his honor, too—vanilla ice cream with swirls of caramel and chocolate covered potato chips. Fallon will continue his reign as television’s king of late night talk show-inspired ice cream next month, with the release of an all-new third flavor from the Vermont creamery, but he’s keeping exactly what it is tightly under wraps.

Fallon sat down with Willie Geist of the Today Show to sample the new flavor exclusively. He wouldn’t let Geist reveal any of the ice cream’s flavors, toppings, or even his reaction to the confection, joking that he would blur his face and change Geist’s voice as he tasted the treat. Geist did a great job keeping the secret, giving not a single hint about what we might expect when Ben & Jerry’s reveals the new ice cream on November 1.

The talk show host seems to have a special interest in making celebrities try secret ingredients—he has a whole segment of his show dedicated to the concept, to which he’s subjected both Mario Batali and Anthony Bourdain, with hilarious results. Thankfully, the secret ingredients in his Ben & Jerry’s ice cream won’t stay secret for much longer, and everyone at home will get to have a taste.