Jimmy Fallon made her do it. 
Credit: The Tonight Show

There are certain things that Japan just does better: Kit Kats, public transportation, photo booths, toilets, and, of course, game shows. There's one called Slippery Stairs where players douse themselves in oil and race each other up an equally slick staircase. And we can't forget Human Bowling which is, well, pretty self-explanatory. But perhaps the most internet famous Japanese game show (at least in the U.S.) is one called Candy or Not Candy, where contestants are presented with objects and have to guess whether they're real or made of food by biting into them. It's surprisingly tricky! And, it's undeniably fun to watch, which is why Jimmy Fallon recreated the challenge for Kendall Jenner's recent appearance on The Tonight Show.

The first course? Shoes! Jenner and Fallon are presented with a a gold boot, a shiny brown oxford, a red patent pump, and a yellow croc. After picking the last one in that lineup—and taking a bite—Jenner declares it "definitely rubber," adding "I hope they're new." Fallon doesn't fare any better. When a waiter wearing a purple body stocking presents his choice—the brown oxford—the host chomps down (hard!) only to say, "it's a real shoe, that's a shoe." The fact that he was close enough to smell the leather, and bit that shoe anyway, shows his true commitment to this whole thing. Anyway, since Jenner and Fallon both failed the first round, they're forced to taste the remaining shoes simultaneously. We won't give away the ending.

Round two is a telephone course—again, no spoilers—while round three involves children's toys (a Rubik's Cube, a Mr. Potato Head, a rubber duck, and a Gumbi figurine, which Jenner refers to as "the little green man"). If there's one takeaway from this segment, it's that if you stare at anything long enough, it starts to look like chocolate. To see who emerges victorious, check out the clip above. And to watch scenes from the original Candy or Not Candy, keep scrolling.