"The Avocado Song" is ready for any club—sandwich or otherwise.
Jimmy Fallon ice cream flavor
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

"Raw I'ma give it to ya, with no trivia," begins the crushing, baritone voice of rapper U-God on the 1993 Wu-Tang Clan classic "Da Mystery of Chessboxin'," but last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, he experienced some lyricism that was a bit more deep fried. While in the desk chair across from the ebullient host, the bass-y anchor of the influential hip-hop collective took part in the show's "Do Not Play" segment, which involves playing a series of very bizarre songs that, the show repeatedly emphasizes, are actually real songs by real artists.

While a tribute to Steven Speilberg by someone named Woflsuka was fairly memorable, the two highlights of the playlist were also the most edible. The first is by an artist named Lu-Chinnio (who U-God at first thought was "Lil Chino"), a singer who didn't even put his name on the cover of his LP. When you see it, though, it's clear why: nothing could possibly improve an album cover that is literally just a random photo of a possibly-somewhat-eaten bowl of French fries sitting on a table. Because the title of this one? "The Fries Song."

The song itself begins with an a cappella series of "la's," which Fallon says is just Lu-Chinnio warming up. But as the song continues, it's clear that there's no backing music to come, and the singer is just going to sing unaccompanied about French fries. "Give give me, give me some fries right now," it goes, "Cause oh, I'm hungry, you don't have any idea / baby, I'm so hungry / I'm so hungry, give me some fries," in what is easily one of the most relatable songs of the year.

But for the segment finale, "The Avocado Song" by either Alton Eugene or Eugene Alton (they're not sure), is what's really a worthy conclusion. Yes, the upbeat dance tune is about avocados, but if you weren't listening too closely to the lyrics, you could easily mistake it for the latest legitimate club banger. Or maybe, that's what it should be anyway.