The talk show host and the singer celebrated her tenth appearance on the show with a gift exchange. 

Jimmy Fallon, eccentric celebrity interviewer and impersonator of famous singers—has a hobby that fits in with his lovable goofball personality: He likes to make pickles. When Demi Lovato, who apparently loves pickles, stopped by the show for her tenth appearance, Fallon decided to surprise her with a jar of his own creation, which he labeled to “my BFF Demi.”

“I really went for it,” Fallon explains on the show. “I went to the farm, I got fresh Kirby cucumbers, I made a brine.”

Fallon then shows a video of the ingredients he used for the pickles, including garlic, peppers, and dill. He even used a vacuum sealer on the lid to keep the pickles from going bad. Turns out he really did go the extra mile for his friend.

He tells Lovato that he made them spicy, but when Lovato gets caught lying that she loves spicy food, he goes into a panic—thankfully he doesn’t make her try them on the air. His only suggestion for how to reduce the spiciness of the pickles? Try soaking them in water, he says.

Since her new album is called “Tell Me You Love Me,” Fallon writes “love,” on the jar, and nicknames the snack his “love pickles,” to the singer. Okay, sounds a little risqué, but we'll assume Fallon probably had completely pure intentions.

In return, Lovato got the talk show host a personalized sweatshirt printed with their faces that read “J+D=BFF 4EVA.” That's a pretty sweet gesture to counteract the sour, spicy pickles.

Fallon's love of food as filtered onto The Tonight Show before. He has sampled bizarre hot dogs with Rhett & Link, had Kristen Wiig on the show to invent her own cocktails and invited both Mario Batali and Anthony Bourdain on to guess the “secret ingredient,” in one of his signature segments. With ever-stranger ways to feature food on his show, he’s proven himself to be one of the most outspoken food fanatics on late night television right now.