Here, the anatomy of F&W Best New Chef Jim Christiansen’s chicken liver tart.
Chicken Liver Tart
Credit: © Eliesa Johnson

F&W Best New Chef 2015 Jim Christiansen, of Heyday in Minneapolis, has taken a French picnic staple–chicken liver pâté–and transformed it. His elegant chicken liver tart is also a showcase for in-season vegetables. “It’s a labor-intensive dish considering how simple it looks,” he says. “When we get 10 orders at once there are a lot of hands moving really fast to make them.” 2700 Lyndale Ave. S.;

1. Carrot tops
Christiansen believes in root-to-stalk cooking.

2. Onion jam
A classic accompaniment to pâté; Christiansen’s changes with the seasons.

3. Onion powder
Yellow onions—dried, baked and pulverized—resemble soil.

4. Pickled radishes
Christiansen pickles raw radishes so they’re tangy.