Simply saying “Hey, Jim, pour me a drink” gets you a fresh shot of bourbon.
jim beam intelligent decanter
Credit: Courtesy of Jim Beam

Earlier this year, Amazon introduced a new Alexa Skill for its Echo smart speaker that let customers order a beer simply by saying, “Alexa, order beer.” Sure, it’s a pretty cool and futuristic trick, but to be fair, it doesn’t literally get you a beer. You still have to sit there and wait for your Prime Now order to show up, then go to the door and deal with the delivery guy. You then have to pop open the bottle or can. The more you think about it the more you realize just how many steps are involved.

Jim Beam feels your pain. And this holiday season, the whiskey brand wanted to streamline the process from voice command to alcohol as much as possible. So they introduced “JIM,” a “breakthrough smart decanter” offering “groundbreaking shot-pouring functionality that allows legal drinking age consumers to serve up a drink without lifting a finger.” Yes, JIM will serve you a shot of Beam if you simply say, “Hey, Jim, pour me a drink.” That’s what we call cutting out the middleman.

However, simply pouring a shot on voice command isn’t that “smart,” so JIM has other voice capabilities as well. In a promotional YouTube demo, Jim Beam shows its smart decanter answering other questions like, “Hey, Jim, what’s the weather today?” Answer: “I have no idea, but I do know it’s the perfect weather to enjoy bourbon.” Admittedly, it’s not particularly practical, but at least as a nice touch, JIM speaks in the delightfully gravelly voice of Jim Beam’s 7th Generation Master Distiller, Fred Noe.

“At Jim Beam, we’re in the business of evolving the way people drink delicious bourbon,” Noe said in a statement. “For decades, we produced unique limited-edition decanters that are now collectors’ items. And now, we’re introducing a smart decanter that lets fans enjoy their bourbon on demand with friends and family.”

Amazingly, JIM is on pre-order right now for the dirt cheap price of $34.90. But you’ll want to act fast because unlike those other smart speakers that are trying to take over the world, JIM is only available in “very limited quantities, while supplies last.”